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Pool Features

Superior Wall Panels

THE ULTIMATE POOL has 3" thick, 4' wide and 52" high thermal-insulated wall panels. These EPS panels have an R-14 insulation rated inner core and double outer layers of galvalume coated steel with 2 lb. density strength. This is the very best heat retaining panel in the swimming pool industry. The result is more enjoyable warmer pool water and major savings on heating costs.

Foam Panel

Strong Pool Frame

THE ULTIMATE POOL has a high quality frame which is made of 6061 T-5 mill-finished and anodized aluminum that is proudly made in the U.S.A. The pool is built using similar engineering technologies and materials that build airplanes, skyscrapers, and spacecraft.

Easy Installation

THE ULTIMATE POOL is very simple to install. Its smart design requires no concrete for aboveground or semi-inground installations. No nuts or bolts are needed and all the guide holes are pre-punched. The entire pool assembles using only one size screw.

INSTALLATION MANUAL installation photos

Maintenance Free

THE ULTIMATE POOL resists oxidation, it will not rust or tarnish. It also doesn't warp or crack, and it's noncorrosive, making it virtually maintenance free. The pool is built to handle all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

Upscale Aesthetic Appeal

THE ULTIMATE POOL has an upscale, neutral polar white color that compliments any landscape or backyard terrain.

Space-Saving Design

THE ULTIMATE POOL has a narrow buttress system that is designed to save yard space. Unlmited sizes of length and width can be achieved. 

The Ultimate Pool

Pool Sizes

THE ULTIMATE POOL can be built in endless rectangular sizes. Our most popular pool sizes are:

  • 9' x 14'
  • 9' x 18'
  • 9' x 22'
  • 9' x 26'
  • 9' x 31'
  • 14' x 18'
  • 14' x 22'
  • 14' x 26'
  • 14' x 31'
  • 14' x 35'
  • 18' x 22'
  • 18' x 26'
  • 18' x 31'
  • 18' x 35'
  • 18' x 39'
  • 22' x 26'
  • 22' x 31'
  • 22' x 35'
  • 22' x 39'
  • 22' x 43'

Environmental Attributes

THE ULTIMATE POOL is  energy efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. The pool design is refined regularly. Therefore, your pool may not be exactly as pictured, and we reserve the right to change or alter the pool design at any time.

Pool Features

  • R-14 Heat Retaining Wall
  •  3" Thick, 4' Wide, 52" High Panels
  • Mill-Finish & Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Built-In Pool Liner Receiver
  • Superior Strength
  • Lifetime Warranty

Optional Package Includes

  • 25-Gauge Liner w/ Tile Border
  • Walk-In Stairs or A-Frame Ladder
  • 1.5 HP Sand Filter
  • Wide-Mouth Skimmer
  • Jetted Return